Collaboration with C & C

What a way to end the year by collaborating with one of my fav Party Stylist, Capes and Crown. Though our part was small, we were still seen in Party Style Magazine Dec/Jan Issue. And it is a print edition too, and can be purchased on Etsy. To see the full shoot in its entirety, visit Capes and Crowns blog. For the time being, here is the photos shot by none other than Ms Danielle McCann Photography.


It’s the little things in life…

It’s the little things in life that makes the bigger things means so much more.

Today, when I woke up, I saw a few things on my news feed. One, the Emmy Look Book brought to you by Party Style Magazine. We had the honors of participating in this. Though our contributions were small, it’s about the little milestones we do that make our job well worth it. To see the Special Edition of Party Style Magazine Look Book, click HERE. <——————

Two, our contributions to Capes and Crowns POTTERY BARN shoot that was featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Party Style Magazine was amazing. I love and enjoy working with this pretty lady. And to have her ask us to contribute was truly an honor. To see the whole shoot in its entirety, click HERE. <———-

To see the Oct/Nov issue of Party Style Magazine, click HERE <———–

Surprise, Surprise

Checking Facebook this evening and low and behold, we had a super sweet surprise.

We were seen on Party Style Magazine June Wedding Issue. 🙂 Not once, not twice but three times. Each time I see our treats in print (or online print) it makes and proves that we are headed down the right path. Fate!

Cover of the June Wedding Issue of Party Style Mag 2013