The Perfect Fit

It has been a very tough month, personally, physically and emotionally. I had to find something that would distract me and keep my mind off the pain I was feeling lately.

What better way of keeping distracted is baking. And as I (we) were baking, thought of investing in something else. No, not more sweets. We already have that on our minds 24/7. But something else that will also honor our angels. Tunky Monkey Tees.

Tossed the idea around, had a custom tunky monkey shirt done and how people were wanting one with our “old” logo on there.  Now with our new logo, name and design, we want to make it happen. It’s something I can wear personally not only in memory of my angels but also for the company we built from scratch and from the heart.

Tee shirt is the perfect fit.


It’s the little things in life…

It’s the little things in life that makes the bigger things means so much more.

Today, when I woke up, I saw a few things on my news feed. One, the Emmy Look Book brought to you by Party Style Magazine. We had the honors of participating in this. Though our contributions were small, it’s about the little milestones we do that make our job well worth it. To see the Special Edition of Party Style Magazine Look Book, click HERE. <——————

Two, our contributions to Capes and Crowns POTTERY BARN shoot that was featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Party Style Magazine was amazing. I love and enjoy working with this pretty lady. And to have her ask us to contribute was truly an honor. To see the whole shoot in its entirety, click HERE. <———-

To see the Oct/Nov issue of Party Style Magazine, click HERE <———–