So now we are able to update majority of the stuff that needed to be updated. One of them is our website!

We are super duper excited on how it is now turning out. More photos, new treats, new look (somewhat). Yay!

Another big change will be the way we ship our treats with a new carrier. USPS has destroyed yet another shipment that clearly stated on the box, multiple times that it is very fragile and to be handled with care. And to add to the troubles, missing boxes not being shipped. Not really fond of them anymore and the troubles that go along with them. Time for a new carrier.

Top is what we had sent. Bottom is how it was delivered.

More changes are to come and I can not wait to show you all what is in store and the upcoming opportunities that go along with it.

Here is a preview of what we have been up to lately!

We did these paw print cake pops for Capes and Crowns (Special Agent Oso Theme Party) that was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas. Photographed by Danielle McCann Photography


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